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Marvel Avengers Mech Strike Mechasaurs: Storytime

What do you get when you cross the Avengers with robot dinosaurs? A new all-ages animated series on Marvel HQ! The evil robot Ultron has stripped New York City of all technology and sent it back into the prehistoric era. What’s worse, he’s even built an army of mechanical, dinosaur-like minions to keep humans under control! But Iron Man and Princess Shuri of Wakanda have created their own battalion of bots for the Avengers known as MECHASAURS! And they won’t rest until they’ve stopped Ultron and freed the city from its primordial prison. Watch all six episodes of Marvel Avengers Mech Strike Mechasaurs: Storytime here:

In a series of fun, rapid-fire Q&As, MacKenzie speaks with female and nonbinary creators at Marvel, asking them anything from “What’s the best advice you’ve gotten,” to “When humans live on Mars what one food must we bring with us?” From writers to artists to actors, directors, stunt performers, gamers—the list goes on—there are so many amazing creators doing so many different, fascinating things in the Marvel Universe. What better way to invite the next generation to go higher, further, faster than to peek behind-the-scenes with the ones that are doing it right now?

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A conversation about women and mentorship in comics
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